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Don't Be Afraid of Fashion

Everyone wants to achieve their goals and follow their dreams but in order to do that one must step out of their comfort zone. If you never leave your comfort zone, try anything new, or do anything difficult; you will never move up to where you desire to be. 

Fashion is the same. If you desire to achieve a certain look, need a confidence boost, are feeling bored with your wardrobe, or always feel like you have nothing to wear; this might be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. Just like most things in life, stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, at first, but because this involves pretty clothes and accessories, it's actually fun! 

Since fashion and the way we style ourselves is an instant language and a way of self-expression, it is very important to dress ourselves well and in a way that best represents who we are and who we want to become. 

The who we want to become part is very important. Because you are constantly trying to better yourself and achieve your goals, it is important to choose pieces and style yourself for the person you are becoming. This way, once you get there, you will already have the wardrobe and you won't have to say you have nothing to wear. Plus, if you believe it, you will achieve it! 

There is not a one size fits all fashion tip. Everyone has their on style and pieces that flatter them best. But the best advice is to not be afraid of fashion! 

Shopping online, going into a store... don't make a bee-line straight for your go-to black tee-shirts. Stop and look around, grab some items you would never consider, or ask someone to grab some for you. The more unique or out of your comfort zone (within reason - no need to not be modest) the better! You might be surprised how awesome a neon pink sweater you never thought you would wear could be. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone also has -even more- benefits! Now, because you are so confident to try new clothes, you can now mix and match more of a variety into your outfits. Instead of just creating three outfits out of your favorite cardigan the limit just became non-existent. You will get so much more use of your clothes and have some fun putting together cool new outfits! 

Ok, so I hear this a lot, and people ask me for help putting outfits together all the time. And I LOVE to help! But, since I don't live in your closet, just remember fashion has no rules! You do you! The simplest thing you can remember, if you're nervous putting an outfit together, is just to match colors, don't mix too many textures or patterns, and message me if you need help ;)

One last thing, sizing. Everyone asks me about sizing. And I understand, trying to find the right fit it hard! But with certain items, over-sized sweaters, tee-shirts, cardigans, dresses... sizing can be a little more lenient depending on your body type. Perhaps a store doesn't have a shirt you want left in your size small; sizing up to a medium and modifying the shirt by putting a small knot in the bottom is a great example. Changing up the sizing can give the piece an entire new look, as well! Get a sweater in a small to wear it with jeans, size up to wear it as a dress! 

The most important thing when choosing an outfit is to decide to dress how you want to be addressed and always remember that if you dress well it is you that the people are going to remember. 

All of us already have style, it is something reflected from our soul to the outside world, we just need to find it. 

Love, Chelsea