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Lippy Clip


Lippy Clip is a beautifully handmade clip on lip balm holder with style! No more loosing lip balm or spending way too much time digging in your purse only to find nothing! Keep your lip balm where you know where it will be and CONVENIENTLY within reach. Clip it to your purse, keys, backpack, belt loop, anywhere! Not only are these little guys awesome, great quality, and so convenient… they are also super cute! There are so many prints and colors! Choose the perfect one to fit your personality and style! Look! there’s even ones for that special man in your life or your children (because we all know they are always loosing everything and it’s up to us ladies to find it). Now to top of all these great things, Lippy Clip was also founded by a woman ENTREPRENEUR —- women supporting women!! yas!

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