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About Us


Chelsea The Collection is an Online retailer that specializes in trendy and unique clothing for women searching for that sophisticated yet fun style. Our Collection directs it’s main focus towards dressy and business casual attire but we tend to sprinkle in a little more to the mix.

We believe that staying up-to-date on the current fashion trends should be exciting and make you feel confident and comfortable. We hand pick each piece in our Collection with our customers in mind. Just because something is super trendy doesn’t mean its going to be comfortable or easy to wear, so we want to make sure each piece is all of that. No impossible to reach zippers, teeny tiny buttons, uncomfortably short shorts…… We Understand. We also believe that your wardrobe is an investment. Which is why we provide quality pieces with a lasting style and many amazing transitional pieces. We strive to make putting together super cute outfits super easy! We choose pieces in our Collection that pair well together and also offer styling advice on how to wear each piece. Those days of, this is so cute but what do I wear with it? GONE! Matching is our specialty! We also make it our top priority to make our little online store feel like your small town neighborhood boutique. A place where you could walk in, everyone knows your name, everyone’s friendly, a place where you could feel like you could spend some time. We are determined to give each customer a personalized experience.

Our Founder

Chelsea The Collection is a woman owned and operated online retailer founded by Chelsea Darvas, from Sylvania, Ohio and currently residing in Toledo, Ohio.

Chelsea is a busy wife to a business owner and mother to two boys. Chelsea has always been the type of individual who was always unsure of what career path to take in life. She did know one thing, for years, she had dreams of opening a store… but everyone told her those were just dreams and she needed to go to college. And that she did! Chelsea is a former Clinical Therapist, she holds a Master’s degree. After discovering that she was not 100% passionate about her career, Chelsea decided it was time for her to actually follow her real passion. The one path she should have taken all along, opening a clothing store. Chelsea describes it as a “epiphany” but it was easier than expected to turn away from her “career” and head down an unknown path. Chelsea explains that she has never felt so determined or has ever worked so hard on anything in her life. That is when you know you have found where you really belong. Chelsea would like to still use her therapist skills to help her customers feel more confidant and boost their happiness. It’s important to create a positive atmosphere.

Chelsea credits her deep admiration for fashion to her amazingly trendy mother from whom she learn the importance of making an outfit match and always being well dressed.

Chelsea explains she has been sounded by fashion her whole life and believes good clothes and style are important and says a lot about a person. Shopping and picking out clothes have always brought a sense of joy into Chelsea’s life, its her happy place.

Chelsea also credits her ability to being able to make her dreams come true to her late father. Chelsea explains that if he were here today he would be one of the few that would truly believe in her success.

The best part about fashion is that you can change your style when ever and how ever you want! Chelsea believes that fashion is an art form and it is her favorite because of the way it allows one to express themselves.

Chelsea hopes and plans to continue to grow her boutique but still wants to be able to provide that small personal feel and hand picked quality items.


Chelsea The Collection was created to not only provide women with unique clothing but also a unique experience. Building a connection with our customers is our number one priority. We want them to feel like more than just a “customer”, more like a friend. Every women has their own story, their own ups and downs, there is not a one size fits all for life. Chelsea The Collection wants to make women look beautiful on the outside by helping them to feel beautiful on the inside; by helping to improve ones confidence and feel a better sense of happiness. Chelsea The Collection provides a supportive atmosphere of women surrounded by positive vibes.