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Wardrobe Consultant

Wardrobe Consultant Services:

Outfit Building

Feeling frustrated with having a closet full of clothes and as if you don't have any actual outfits?  This is something we hear all the time! So many clothes and nothing to wear! 

Let's shop your own wardrobe together and work up looks and outfits from existing pieces to really get your wardrobe working harder for you. 

You'll be surprised how much you have to wear and how many outfits you have, when fresh eyes and an expert Stylist get to work!

As we go through your OUTFIT BUILDING session, we'll take pictures of each outfit, creating your own LOOK BOOK which you'll have on hand when ever you have "nothing to wear"! 

As a bonus we will throw in some secret tips and tricks you can learn so the next time you go shopping you will know exactly what to pick out that will work with your existing wardrobe instead of against it. 

Ready for a closet face lift?! E-mail us:

for more info and to schedule an appointment. 

Sessions are $99 for 2 hours. We accommodate customers in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. Please book early to ensure date accommodation.